Seth Meyers: Trump Takes Classified Docs Case to SCOTUS; Rudy’s Gross Toilet Habits

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re: #278 Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light)) In my case, dealing with my fellow idiot co-workers and incompetent management was 100X worse than dealing with a pilot. You could punish a pilot on the spot and always get ...

Video: ‘Incriminating Evidence’ - Some Records From Trump White House Are Still Missing

re: #142 Charles Johnson She Who Must Be Obeyed was a professional musician, mostly at a symphonic level, in her early career, scratching out gigs early in working life, rode the Texas minor cities tours, playing in Abilene, San Angelo, ...

Seth Meyers: GOP Stumbles Toward Midterms as Trump Claims All Elections Are Rigged

re: #171 Shiplord Kirel: Fan of Big Bird, Bert, and Ernie All I know is that when a pubescent black mermaid played a crystal flute, Racists came out of the woodwork and flooded the Interwebs like a Hurricane Ian storm ...

Jackson Browne’s Classic: “Take It Easy” (Austin City Limits)

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While this resolution was introduced in 2021, it did not move forward without a cosponsoring member (@BillPascrell), who signed onto it this evening following Marjorie Taylor Greene’s dangerous lies about democrats “already starting the killings [of Republicans]” at Trump’s ...

Snarky Puppy: “Take It!” (Feat. Bernard Wright)

254John Hughes
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re: #206 Anymouse 🌹🏡😷 Common law countries may extradite their own citizens. Civil law countries like France rarely do. I was wrong about Canada not making a formal extradition request. They did. In August of 2022. In an article linked ...

Seth Meyers: Jan. 6 Panel Grills Ginni Thomas About Shocking Coup Texts With Trump Team

275John Hughes
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re: #222 Anymouse 🌹🏡😷 This is all nonsense. France won't extradite him because he is French. Also Canada has never even asked for his extradition. Also Canada has never tried to get him charged in France.

New Seth: Jan. 6 Committee Obtains Damning Roger Stone Video, Weighs Trump Subpoena

285Michele: Out of the closet, Into the fire
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re: #273 danarchy They did. Remington was in bankruptcy proceeding for the second time and they had 4 insurance companies that could split the cost of the settlement.